Stories of the Pandemic

“We are striving to document our ‘present’ history for future residents; our stories of struggle and triumph deserve to be told to future generations.”
— Kristen Rowley, Collection Manager at The Durham Museum.

We are living through an extraordinary moment of historic proportions. As Omaha’s Home to History, we invite you to help The Durham Museum document this time by collecting stories and objects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In times like these, it is important to preserve experiences at the time they happen so that details are not lost. It is a true treasure when items can be donated by those who used or made them and can pass along a story first-hand. Our ability to share stories relies on people collecting for the future.

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We want to hear from you the old fashioned way! Do you have time to sit and write us a letter? The United States Postal Service has been with us since our earliest days as a country. Letters might not be carried by a horse and rider anymore but what they do carry are the stories that are important to us and the desire to share them with others. We invite you to share with us your story of how the pandemic is impacting your life. Let us know your opinions of what is going on and your hopes for what comes after. We will keep your letters in our permanent collection as part of Omaha’s historical record. Share your story with us and with everyone in the future! Give a return address, we will write you back!

The Durham Museum
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801 South 10th St.
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Document What You See

What do you see around you? Every day you are living through history but in this time of global crisis it is even more profound. Have you taken photographs of people, places or things that have moved you? Shocked you? Made you laugh or cry during this pandemic? Have you photographed how your home life or work life has changed? Email them to with a brief description or maybe the photograph itself says a thousand words. We are all in this together!


Share your stories directly with us here! We have some prompting questions, please select one of the three buttons below to begin.

such as healthcare, grocery store, post office or civil service


Are you interested in donating an object?

Great! We want to hear from you. Please use our Object Donation form to suggest a pandemic-related object , you have seen or used, for the museum to review as a donation after we reopen.


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we’re in this together:
Community collecting

Several local museums are joining together in an effort to collect the stories of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the lives of Nebraskans.

Below is a comprehensive list of the museums and libraries who are actively collecting items related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations are looking to preserve the impact of this global crisis on our community to create a record for future generations. Please support your local history organizations and engage with any or all of us as we seek to create a lasting history of how residents responded to and overcame the global pandemic.

Douglas County Historical Society Durham Museum Logo Great Plains Black History Museum
Sarpy County Museum UNO Libraries UNMC McGoogan Library of Medicine
History Nebraska AHSGR