HOURS UPDATE: The museum will be closed on Friday, November 22 to prepare for the holiday season and on Thanksgiving Day, November 28. Please plan your visits accordingly. Thank you!

Meet our Team


Executive Director

Christi Janssen

Director of Finance and Administration

Susan Sheehy
402-444-5071 x517

Business Manager

Shanna Baker
402-444-5071 x518

Special Projects/Database Manager

Kim Henze
402-444-5071 x512

Museum Administrative Assistant

Mallory Boyle
402-444-5071 x500



Chief Curator



Emma Sundberg
402-444-5071 x563

Collection Manager

Becky Putzer
402-444-5071 x549

Photo Archive Facilitator

Bill Gonzalez
402-444-5071 x525

Collection Facilitator

Haiden Nelson
402-444-5071 x524

Collection Technician

Kristen Rowley
402-444-5071 x524

Collection Facilitator

Elizabeth Rea
402-444-5071 x524



Director of Education Services

Abby Jung
402-444-5071 x528

Education Programs Coordinator

Paige Pace
402-444-5071 x561

Education Programs Facilitator

Michaela Fricke
402-444-5071 x529

Education Programs Facilitator

Emma Reiner
402-444-5071 x562


Director of Development

Corey Wilson
402-444-5071 x577

Membership Manager

Taylor Leinen
402-444-5071 x521

Manager of Individual Giving

Elisabeth Barrett
402-444-5071 x578

Database Administrator

Stacy Stohlman
402-444-5071 x501



Director of Exhibit Design

Timothy Hantula
402-444-5071 x574

Exhibit Manager

Mark Howard
402-444-5071 x550

Exhibit Technician

Ramon Guzman
402-444-5071 x539



Director of Communications

Jessica Brummer
402-444-5071 x560

Marketing and Design Manager

Dawn Myron
402-444-5071 x571

Special Events Manager

Annabelle Schmitz
402-444-5071 x515


Marketing Specialist

Megan Rook
402-444-5071 x522



Senior Manager of Facility Operations

Kevin Lowry


Tim Brunner
402-444-5071 x532

Facility & Events Technician

Dean Smith
402-444-5071 x532

Facility & Events Technician

Neil McBeath
402-444-5071 x532

Facility & Events Technician

Dillion Hawley
402-444-5071 x532

Facility & Events Technicians

Alina Herrara
Aidan Klaassen
Cole Hays


customer Experience operations

Senior Manager of Customer Experience

Heidi Schoening
402-444-5071 x538

Customer Experience Manger – Retail Services

Diane Hileman
402-444-5071 x570

Customer Experience Manager – Guest and Volunteer Services

Deb Hopp
402-444-5071 x556

Customer Experience Manager – Rental Services

Hannah Decker
402-444-5071 x543


Customer Experience Team Lead

Alice Nyberg
402-444-5071 x535

Customer Experience Facilitators

Makenna Jackson
Justin Roberts
Lupe Martinez
Shannon Casson
Mercedes Gandara