Meet our Museum Team


Executive Director

Christi Janssen

Administrative Assistant

Kalil Johnson
402-444-5071 x500


Director of Development

Corey Wilson
402-444-5071 x577

 Manager of Donor Relations

Amie Prendes
402-444-5071 x578

 Database Administrator

Stacy Stohlman
402-444-5071 x501


Special Events Coordinator

Callie Sutton
402-444-5071 x515


Membership Manager

Alisa Teevens
402-444-5071 x521


Director of Education Services

Abby Jung
402-444-5071 x528

Education Programs Manager

Michaela Fricke
402-444-5071 x529

Education Services Coordinator – Public Programs

Sara Warner
402-444-5071 x561

Education Services Coordinator – School Programs

Alma Flores
402-444-5071 x562

Education Programs Facilitators

Kenny Cotton
Gabriella Swoboda
Tommy Stoltenberg
402-444-5071 x562


Volunteer Coordinator

Aidan Cozart
402-444-5071 x556

finance and business operations

Director of Finance and Administration

Susan Sheehy
402-444-5071 x517

Business Manager

Shanna Baker
402-444-5071 x518

customer Experience

Senior Manager of Customer Experience

Autumn Stock
402-444-5071 x538

Admissions Specialists

Sheldon Bale
Peg Alexander
Jennifer Hernandez
Shibyja Jones

Rental Services

Customer Experience Manager – Rental Services

Mary Celer
402-444-5071 x543

Retail Services

Customer Experience Manager – Soda Fountain

Kate Goss
402-444-5071 x570

Soda Fountain Supervisor

Joy Conover
402-444-5071 x535

Soda Fountain Specialists

Lauren Roberts
Tate VanDerVeen
Addison Casady
Sofia Di Lorenzo
Casey Sanden
Jessica Mount

MARKETING & communications

Director of Communications

Jessica Brummer
402-444-5071 x560

Marketing and Design Manager

Dawn Myron
402-444-5071 x571

Digital Communications Coordinator

Clark Grell
402-444-5071 x522

Graphic Designer

Troi Arnold
402-444-5071 x582

museum operations

Director of Museum Operations

Kim Henze
402-444-5071 x512

Collections and Curatorial


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402-444-5071 x563

Collection Manager

Becky Putzer
402-444-5071 x549

Collection Technician

Kristen Rowley
402-444-5071 x524

Collection Technician

Haiden Nelson
402-444-5071 x524

Collection Facilitator

Elizabeth Rea
402-444-5071 x524


Exhibit Manager

Mark Howard
402-444-5071 x550

Exhibit Technician

Matthew Schultz
402-444-5071 x539


Senior Manager of Facility Operations

David Traynor


Tim Brunner

Facility & Events Technicians

Gary Engstrom
Justin Henke
Zachary Jones
Aubrey Niemoth