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In collaboration with Preserve Omaha, The Durham Museum will be at the second annual PresFest on Sunday, May 19, for special one-hour tours through the neighborhood north of Dodge Street in midtown Omaha. Along the way, explore how the city developed and grew in the early 1900s, including a drive on the first curved street in town. We will see the many stately homes and structures of the original “West Omaha” and learn more about the famous names who designed them and inhabited them.

We will be offering four one-hour tours on May 19, with the first beginning at noon. Additional tours will follow at 1PM, 3PM and 4PM. These tours are offered at a special rate of $20 for Durham Museum members and $25 for non-members.

Tours will start in the Joslyn Castle neighborhood. More information about parking, pick-up location, as well as Frequently Asked Questions are below.

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PLEASE NOTE: All tours will take place Sunday, May 19

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PresFest mapWhere do I check in for The Durham Museum’s history shuttle tour?
Check-in will take place at the shuttle stop on the east side of 40th Street next to the Joslyn Castle walls and near Davenport Street. You should see a sign indicating that the history shuttle tour starts there. Check-in will take place at least 10 minutes prior to each tour. The history shuttle tour will take place on a VIP Limo shuttle, so make sure you don’t accidentally get on the Ollie the Trolley shuttle!

Will there be other shuttles in operation at PresFest?
Yes, there will also be a parking shuttle running between the Joslyn Castle, St. Cecilia Cathedral and Duchesne Academy. This parking shuttle will be operated by Ollie the Trolley. Please be careful and make sure you’re getting on the right shuttle — the VIP Limo shuttle — so you don’t miss your tour!

Where should I park?
PresFest will be a well-attended event and parking will be limited. Preserve Omaha will be doing its best to provide nearby parking for those with accessibility issues. For most visitors, Preserve Omaha is recommending that you park at St. Cecilia Cathedral or Duchesne Academy. There will be a parking shuttle (Ollie the Trolley) regularly running between those two locations and taking people to Joslyn Castle.

When does the parking shuttle (Ollie the Trolley) start running?
Preserve Omaha has indicated that the parking shuttle will start running around 11AM.

When does The Durham Museum’s history shuttle tour leave Joslyn Castle, and what if I accidentally miss my tour?
The history shuttle tour will be leaving at Noon, 1PM, 3PM, and 4PM. You can’t board the shuttle without registering and purchasing a ticket online. The history shuttle tour will be leaving promptly at the top of the hour, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive prior to the start time. If you miss your tour, please visit The Durham Museum’s vendor booth on the Joslyn Castle grounds. We will do our best to try to accommodate you but can’t guarantee that we can place you on another tour.

Will you be selling tickets for The Durham Museum’s history shuttle tour at PresFest?
There are limited tickets available for our PresFest history shuttle tours, so we highly encourage you to purchase tickets in advance. If there are any remaining tickets, we will sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis at The Durham Museum’s vendor booth on the Joslyn Castle grounds.

Can I bring food and/or drink on the shuttle?
You are only allowed to bring water on the shuttle, so please finish other food or drink before boarding the shuttle.