2023 ceiling restoration project:
What to Know and How It Affects Your Visit to the Museum

Will the museum be closed during the project?

No. While entrances and walkways through the museum will change during this timeframe, the museum will remain open throughout the project.

When will the project be finished?

The project is anticipated to be complete by the end of May.

How much does the project cost?


How is the project being funded?

The funding for the project came from private sources within the community as well as a grant provided through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Shovel-Ready Capital Recovery and Investment Act.

What exactly will they be fixing?

The scope of work calls for plaster repair, repainting of fields of color up to the decorative elements, and restoration of any areas of deterioration or poor previous touch-ups at the decorative elements. The large areas of ornament with decorative treatments will be repainted and decorated. The decorative treatments will match the original finishes and will include a combination of gilding, polychroming, hand painting, and/or transparent color glazing. The scope also includes plaster restoration of the window returns in the West End Corridor.

Have the ceilings been restored before? What makes them art deco?

The plaster ceilings were repaired as part of the 1995 building restoration campaign, and they are a unique feature of Union Station’s Art Deco identity. The ceiling features detailed Art Deco designs and colors, including chevrons, zigzags, waves, bars, scrolls, grilles, sunbursts, wing-like forms, and fleur-de-lis forms. The case for Union Station’s landmark status indicates that “the station’s main public areas, the west entry corridor and Great Hall, have been expertly preserved and/or restored to their original grandeur, with minor modern alterations. The Great Hall remains much as it did in the glory days of Omaha’s train travel.”

What are your hours of operation?

The Durham Museum is currently open Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM, Sunday 12PM-4PM and closed on Mondays.

Is the Soda Fountain open?

Yes, but there will be a time during the project when the Soda Fountain will need to be closed. Please watch our website and social media channels for exact dates.

What exhibits/areas are closed?

At this time, the Museum Shop has been relocated to the lower level of the museum. You can find it near Education Alley. All other areas are open at this time.

What about events and educational programs?

All events and educational programs will continue as planned.

Who is completing the restoration work?

EverGreene Architectural Arts, the nation’s largest specialty contractor, focused on the preservation of historic buildings, artifacts, and works of art. EverGreene is headquartered in Brooklyn, with regional offices in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. EverGreene will complete the restoration scope of work with support from Kiewit Building Group.

How can I contribute to help projects like these?

The museum has a fund designated to support the ongoing care of Omaha’s Union Station and the museum housed within its walls.


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