Punch your Ticket! – The Durham Museum’s River City History Tours kick-off May 8

Join The Durham Museum for another exciting season of River City History Tours! These popular tours depart from The Durham Museum aboard Ollie the Trolley and explore topics like women in Omaha, the city’s infamous bootlegging history, the original “Gold Coast” neighborhood and more. Tours cost $25 for museum members and $30 for non-members and all tours last between 90 minutes to 2 hours. Membership discount applies only to those in the household. Reserve your seat today at www.DurhamMuseum.org/Tours or by calling 402-444-5027.

Select from these six unique tours throughout the season.

From Expositions to Jazz Musicians
Tour offered: July 17 and September 4
In 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition, an event that brought millions to visit Omaha and learn about life west of the Mississippi River. Visit the former site of the expo and see the stately homes, parks and jazz halls that followed in its path. Plus, enjoy a stop at the historic Florence Mill!

Last Call for Alcohol: Omaha’s Bootlegging History
Tour offered: June 12, July 12 and September 25
By the time prohibition was the law of the land in the U.S., Nebraska had been “dry” for two years and organized crime syndicates had established a well-oiled machine to turn profits. Local and federal authorities spent years putting together a case that ultimately brought down the “kingpin” of Omaha’s crime scene, Tom Dennison. This tour, based on Dennison’s 1931 federal indictment, takes a look at hotels, speakeasys and other key locations in prohibition-era Omaha.

Millionaires & Mansions – North Gold Coast
Tour offered: June 26, August 28 and October 2
Explore the neighborhoods north of Dodge Street in mid-town Omaha. Along the way, learn about the Mercer Mansion, Joslyn Castle and the Louis Nash residence. The trolley will drive on the first curved street in the city and visitors will see many stately homes in the original “West Omaha.”

Millionaires & Mansions – South Gold Coast
Tour offered: May 22, July 24 and September 18
Take a trip to the early 1900s in the area south of Dodge Street in mid-town Omaha. Many landmarks in the city are located here including the Blackstone Hotel, the Storz Mansion and the home of Arthur and Zerlina Brandeis. Visitors will see the beauty of traditional architecture and hear the stories of the people who built these magnificent homes.

Omaha’s Parks and Boulevards
Tour offered: June 5, September 13 and October 16
Did you know that Omaha developed a beautiful parks and boulevard system beginning in the late 1800s? In fact, much of this system remains today linking popular parks like Elmwood and Hanscom with gorgeous tree-lined streets such as Happy Hollow and Lincoln Boulevard. The “Parks and Boulevards” tour will take you along the beautiful path these developers laid out so many years ago.

Remember the Ladies! The Women of Early Omaha
Tour offered: May 8, August 16 and October 9
Hop on a trolley with us in honor of the founding ladies of Omaha. This tour will introduce you to a few of Omaha’s first women, from factory workers and business owners to religious leaders and activists, who contributed to the growth and success of Omaha today. Destinations on this tour will include driving through Omaha’s previous “Red Light District”, the Paxton Hotel, Saint Cecelia’s Cathedral and so much more!