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museum live episodes (season 3)

episode 1 – 9/19/22

Theme: Constitution Day
Welcome back to school and back to Museum Live! In honor of new beginnings and of Constitution Day, this episode’s theme is all about America’s beginnings and the United States Constitution. Get the scoop on the history of the Constitution from our resident Bison Scout, learn about one of Professor Durham’s favorite history mysteries, the disappearance of Roanoke, and travel back in time to our historic one-room schoolhouse to learn how some of the first Americans experienced school!

Sorry, Episode 2 not available due to technical issue
EPISODE 2 – 9/26/22

Theme: Hispanic Heritage Month

episode 3 – 10/3/22

Theme: Agriculture
Do you like corn? Well then this episode is for you! This week’s episode is all about agriculture, and will include an Exhibit Exploration about homesteads and pioneer farming, an Objects and Artifacts with our collection team showcasing agriculture related pieces in our collection, we will have another Exhibit Exploration segment about traditional Native American farming techniques, and the story of the Three Sisters. Professor Durham will join us for a History Mystery.

episode 4 – 10/10/22

Theme: Navigation & Maps
Maps, Maps, Maps! We love maps at The Durham Museum, join us to learn more about why! This episode includes an “Archway to Science” segment about Oceania wayfinding, an Exhibit Exploration sharing how Lewis and Clark used navigation when exploring the American West, and an Objects and Artifacts segment featuring some of the first maps of Omaha!

episode 5 – 10/17/22

Theme: Navigation & Maps
Hello, operator? Can you connect me to Museum Live! please? This week’s episode we explore the history of communication! See an actual printing press as well as some vintage forms of communication from the 1950’s American dream home. The National Museum of American History also joined us to share a piece from the Smithsonian collection!

episode 6 – 10/24/22

Theme: Omaha History
There’s no place like home! Join us for an episode all about our hometown, Omaha! This episode includes exhibit features highlighting major events in Omaha history such as the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, a history mystery with Professor Durham about some Omaha mysteries, an Archway to Science segment with Morrill Hall discussing fossils found in the Omaha area, and a Smithsonian guest who shares how the Wizard of Oz connects to Omaha, Nebraska!

episode 7 – 10/31/22

Theme: Halloween
Put on your costume and celebrate Halloween with us! In this episode we visit our Soda Fountain to learn some history about candy and travel back in time to Halloweens of the past by diving into our photo archive collection. Our Collections team has an Objects and Artifacts segment highlighting some spooky elements of our collection, and Professor Durham shares a spooky History Mystery (in his favorite costume of course).

episode 8 – 11/7/22

Theme: S.T.E.A.M.
This week we explore all things STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). STEAM is all around us and affects our everyday experience. The University of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History shows us some rare fossils (Science), and our Collections team has an Objects and Artifacts segment highlighting the history of the telephone (Technology). Our Engineering segment touches on log cabins built by pioneers, and our Math segment adds up the design elements of the Great Hall at The Durham Museum. Of course, Professor Durham is with us and gives an art lesson on one of the most famous pieces in the world.

episode 9 – 11/14/22

Theme: Native American Heritage Month
This week’s episode highlights Native American Heritage Month. Professor Durham and Scout share the history of Native American Heritage Month, we have two Exhibit Exploration segments discussing the role of the tipi as well as one all about Standing Bear. We will also have special guests from History Nebraska who share some about their collections and how they work with tribes today.

episode 10 – 11/21/22

Theme: Thanksgiving
This week’s episode is our special Thanksgiving episode. Today, we are joined by former President Abraham Lincoln! We have two Exhibit Explorations, one about the history of Thanksgiving and one featuring our Trains to discuss Thanksgiving travel. You will be thankful you didn’t miss this episode!

Sorry, Episode 11 not available
EPISODE 11 – 11/28/22

Theme: Traditions

episode 12 – 12/5/22

Theme: Winter Weather
Be sure to bundle up for this week’s episode as it is all about Winter. Professor Durham has a Today in History about the Winter Solstice and our Collections Team talk about some memorable winters that are documented in the Durham Museum’s collections. We also share an Exhibit Exploration about Winter Counts and ways plains Native American tribes documented important events, as well as a few other winter related topics.

SPECIAL HOLIDAY Episode – 12/9/22

Theme: Holiday Traditions
Experience holidays from around the world right here in Omaha! Come to admire The Durham’s own 40-foot, fully decorated tree and learn how we fit this beautiful sight into the museum each year. Then, explore how different countries and cultural groups may celebrate the season using different objects that may be used to celebrate holidays and traditions around the world and within our own communities!
*Please note the original recording date of this Virtual Presentation was December 14, 2021. Some content has been updated to reflect 2022-23 holidays.*

Episode 13 – 12/12/22

Theme: Holiday Electricity
This week’s episode is about Electricity. We have an exhibit exploration about the importance of light in different celebrations and our collection’s team highlights some electric devices in our collection. We share another Exhibit Exploration showcasing the importance electricity played in the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, and Morrill Hall joins us for an Archway to Science.

Episode 14 – 1/9/23

Theme: MLK Day
This week’s program is in honor of the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day! The episode includes an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Scoop with Scout about the history of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a collections connection segment with the National Museum of American History, as well as a Weather segment from KETV Channel 7.

Episode 15 – 1/23/23

Theme: Gold Rush/Migration
This week’s episode is all about the Gold Rush! The program includes an Archway to Science segment with Morrill Hall about the science of migration, an Exhibit Exploration featuring the Conestoga Wagon, an Objects and Artifacts segment showcasing a Gold Rush era coin from our Byron Reed Collection, as well as a Weather segment from KETV Channel 7.

Episode 16 – 1/30/23

Theme: Natural History
This week’s episode is all about Natural History! Hear a bit about owls with Morrill Hall, as well as Exhibit Explorations about the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark. We are also joined by Joan Boudreau from the National Museum of American History and of course, weather with KETV Channel 7.

Episode 17 – 2/6/23

Theme: Black History Month
In this week’s episode, we honor Black History Month. Learn about the largest and longest-lasting African American settlement in rural Nebraska in Exhibit Explorations. We are joined by Krystal Klingenberg with the National Museum of American History, as well as a guest from the Greensboro (North Carolina) History Museum. Our Objects and Artifacts segment explores the history (and recipes) behind a cookbook from a very successful caterer in Omaha.

Episode 18 – 2/13/23

Theme: Valentine’s Day
It’s Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with your friends at Museum Live! This episode features the history of penny candy and conversation hearts, a special Collections Connection highlighting the role of the telegraph in sending valentines, and of course some valentines from our own collection. Plus, our friends at Morrill Hall talk about a love story found in the constellations and our favorite meteorologists from KETV highlight the highs and lows of Valentine’s Day weather over the years!

Episode 19 – 2/20/23

Theme: Presidents’ Day
In our annual Presidents’ Day episode, we’ve featured not one but two exhibit features including a look at how presidents and presidential candidates used train cars to campaign, as well as a look at a unique collection in our Photo Archive featuring the first ladies. Plus, we’re joined by Dr. Claire Jerry for a look at some unique presidential artifacts from the National Museum of American History (including a very old piece of birthday cake!). This episode wouldn’t be complete without Professor Durham’s take on Presidents’ Day and a special Book Nook feature, and of course, weather with KETV!

Episode 20 – 2/27/23

Theme: Nebraska Statehood Day
Happy Birthday Nebraska! This episode is all about Nebraska in honor of Nebraska Statehood Day. We will explore multiple exhibits in the museum that highlight Nebraska history including the Log Cabin, Steam Engine, Earth Lodge and more! This episode includes the Ashfall Fossil Beds for an Archway to Science segment,  a Collection Connection segment and of course, weather with KETV Channel 7.

Episode 21 – 3/6/23

Theme: Women’s History Month

Episode 22 – 3/13/23

Theme: Storytelling

Episode 23 – 3/20/23

Theme: Spring