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episode 1 – 9/14/20

This week’s program includes and interview with Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her involvement with Women’s Suffrage, a History Mystery segment about a mysterious 4,000 year old object, a look at an artifact related to the first Women’s College World Series, a look at our current Sporty Women photograph exhibit, and like we will for every week, a Weather segment with Matt Serwe from KETV Channel 7.

episode 2 – 9/28/20

In this week’s program we discuss a History Mystery involving UFOs, have a look inside our Historic Schoolroom and chat a bit about the history of education in Nebraska, our collection team shows us a few artifacts from the Aksarben Ball collection, and our Sports Correspondent Taylor interview a Creighton Basketball star player.

episode 3 – 10/5/20

This week’s program includes a look at historic photo’s from our Photo Archive and how they relate to El Museo Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month, our collections team shows us some spooky medical artifacts from the museum collection, we get a look into our current traveling exhibit The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, and a Today in History about the Public Broadcasting Service.

episode 4 – 10/12/20

In this week’s program we chat with George Washington Carver about his educational pursuits and his work in agriculture, another spooky artifact from our collections team, we take a look at our covered wagon and talk about some little know pioneers, exodusters, and our Sport Correspondent Taylor talks a bit about the late, great Bob Gibson.

episode 5 – 10/19/20

This week’s program included an interview with Carina from The Rose Theater about the history of the theatre company and what they have going on today, we take a look at one of our largest collection artifacts, our Steam Engine, and we get to take another look at The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited.

episode 6 – 10/26/20

In this week’s program we talk with the Tri-Faith Initiative about the history of Halloween and other holidays and celebrations that are held in the Fall, we take a look at a few Presidential artifacts from our Byron Reed collection and Photo Archive, and a Today in History about the First Continental Congress held in 1774.

episode 7 – 11/2/20

In this week’s program we talk about the electoral college and elections, we explore an image from our Photo Archive related to Susan B Anthony and Women’s Suffrage, our Collections Team shows off an old Ballot Box, we learn about Standing Bear and how he helps to gain rights for Native people in the United States, and we talk a about the Rights and Responsibilities of being a citizen of the United States.

episode 8 – 11/9/20

For this week’s program we chat with Homestead National Monument about the American Bison, we explore the museum’s tipi, our new staff member Professor Durham joins us to share a bit about themself and tells us about an interesting History Mystery, and the Collections Team shows off a retro appliance.

episode 9 – 11/16/20

This episode we get a sneak peak at Omaha’s Official Christmas Tree for Christmas at Union Station, Gretchen and Scout give us the scoop on Native American Veterans that have serve in the United States Armed Forces, Professor Durham shares a fun Today in History about the Peanuts Comic, Abby shows us a new part of the Jim Henson Exhibition, our Collections Team shows us a neat TV from the past, we share about the amazing story of Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte, and we get our first look at Professor Durham’s Book Nook.

episode 10 – 11/23/20

On this week’s episode, we explore all things Thanksgiving! Professor Durham shares a bit about the history of when we celebrate Thanksgiving, President Abraham Lincoln tells us all about his Thanksgiving Proclamation and Thanksgiving as a National Holiday. We get an overview of foods eaten at the “First Thanksgiving”. A special guest from the Smithsonian Museum of American History shares about how Thanksgiving food has changed throughout time, and we have a sports segment about the special bond between football and Thanksgiving day!

episode 11 – 11/30/20

On this week’s episode we learn about a few Christmas at Union Station traditions, Professor Durham shares a History Mystery about the Roanoke Colony, the collection team shows us a few new artifacts in our collection, we get a look inside our Log Cabin, and we get to visit the Professor’s Book Nook again!

episode 12 – 12/7/20

Due to technical difficulties, the recording for this episode is unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

episode 13 – 12/14/20

This week’s program is all about lights and electricity. We get to chat with Eric from The Puppet Kitchen, Abby shares about the Trans-Mississippi Exposition that took place here in Omaha, Kristen from our collections team show us an electrifying artifact, Professor Durham has a History Mystery related to light and electricity, and Matt Serwe joins us like every week for a look at weather!

bonus episode! holidays around the world – 12/16/20

Experience holidays from around the world right here in Omaha! Come to admire The Durham’s own 40-foot, fully decorated tree and learn how we fit this beautiful sight into the museum each year. Then, explore how different countries and cultural groups may celebrate the season using our Holiday Cultural Trees exhibit as well as learn about different objects that may be used to celebrate holidays and traditions around the world and within our own communities!

episode 14 – 1/11/21

During our first episode back after winter break, we learned about Marin Luther King Jr. and his work during the Civil Rights Movement, we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and what you can do for your community, our new correspondent Monica told us a bit about what it would have been like to go back to school during the winter in the late 1800s, we chatted with the Smithsonian Birthplace of Country Music Museum and learned the history of the Banjo, Professor Durham joined us to share a Today in History regarding Amelia Earhart and a few of her amazing feats, and Matt Serwe from KETV Channel 7 taught us about why we have more cloudy days in the winter.