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museum live episodes (season 4)

EPISODE 1 – 9/18/23
Theme: Constitution Day
We kick off the new season by sharing facts on Constitution Day, which celebrates the adoption and official signing of the US Constitution. Our Archway to Science segment takes us to Morrill Hall in Lincoln where we find some interesting links between Constitution Day and science. Professor Durham discusses the arrival of the Mayflower in his Today in History segment, we’re joined by a special guest with the USS Constitution Museum in Boston, and we show off some neat and rare documents once collected by Omaha’s Byron Reed. What’s the Aurora formation? Find out in our weather segment!

EPISODE 2 – 9/25/23
Theme: Hispanic Heritage Month
We discover a unique object from the Smithsonian, and how it relates to the history of Mexico, while our own Collections team shares the history of Omaha Stockyards and their impact on the diversity of the city. Our friends from Morrill Hall at UNL tell us about the Alverez Theory, while Professor Durham highlights a book by Sonia Sotomayor in his “Turning Pages” segment. Of course, it wouldn’t be Museum Live without a check-in from our meteorologist friends from KETV. This week’s weather fun: Autumn Equinox.

EPISODE 3 – 10/2/23
Theme: Agriculture
We plant the seeds of a very important subject in this part of the country. Did you know corn comes in many varieties? Professor Durham explains. Our Exhibition Exploration segment takes us to the log cabin where we discuss pioneer farming, while we show several old farming tools (and how to use them) from our Collections Connections segment. There’s a lot of mystery in Professor Durham’s History Mystery of the week — crop circles! And, of course, you can’t talk about agriculture without discussing weather’s impact with our meteorologist friends from KETV.

EPISODE 4 – 10/9/23
Theme: Maps & Navigation
Grab a map and navigate your way through our fourth episode! Professor Durham takes us to a fun part of The Durham Museum, locating maybe the biggest Omaha map in town. Our Archway to Science segment dives into anthropology while our Collections team tells us about the arrival or the Interstate system and the impact it made in how we navigated the roads. Our friends from the Smithsonian take us on a trip to Peru, using coastal charts. And, of course, you can’t check on the weather without looking at maps! Our KETV weather segment tells us more.

EPISODE 5 – 10/16/23
This episode is not available due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.

EPISODE 6 – 10/23/23
Theme: Omaha

Oh! As in Omaha! This episode discusses Nebraska’s biggest city and its impact beyond state borders. Learn how Omaha came to be in Exhibit Exploration, find out what important species swims near Omaha in our Archway to Science segment and learn more about an artifact from the Smithsonian linked to an Omaha native. Our Collections team shows off some items from a big, big Omaha birthday party from 1954, and our weather segment brings out the snow shovels and uncovers the history of the 1888 Schoolhouse Blizzard.

EPISODE 7 – 10/30/23
Theme: Halloween

Trick or treat! It’s time to salute our favorite spooky holiday, Halloween, but don’t be scared! We are joined by special guest Jeremy from Tri-Faith Initiative, who discusses some of the other holidays that take place around Halloween. Our Exhibition Exploration segment looks back at the origin of Halloween while the Smithsonian shares some neat currency from Germany that has symbolism related to Halloween. Speaking of symbols, our Collections team discusses those and some notable Halloween games. Professor Durham takes us down the tracks for a spooky tale in History Mystery, while our friends from KETV put a weather spin on Halloween.

EPISODE 8 – 11/6/23
Theme: STEAM

It’s full STEAM ahead this week! Our Archway to Science segment discusses the scientific method and what role in plays in Nebraska science. Show-and-tell with Objects and Artifacts looks at two objects that were once technological advances in typing and printing. We are joined by the National Museum of National History, which shares pictures of steam engines and why they are collected. Exhibit Exploration shows us that math does exist in a museum. And you can’t have a show on STEAM without talking weather, right?!

EPISODE 9 – 11/13/23
Theme: Native American History Month

We learn more about an important part of our history, including the origin of Native American History Month and the four prominent tribes that called Nebraska home. Dave Williams with Nebraska History shows some neat artifacts related to Nebraska tribes, while we also look at how Native American artwork formed over vast time periods. Our Objects and Artifacts segment sheds light on the groundbreaking work by Susan La Flesche Picotte, and we learn of Standing Bear’s impact, too.

EPISODE 10 – 11/20/23
Theme: Thanksgiving

Hope you’re hungry! We have a plate full of great “stuffing” this week as we look back at the origins of Thanksgiving. Our friends from UNL’s Morrill Hall give us something to chew on from the elephant fossil room. Exhibition Exploration takes us back to a time when travel by train was widely popular during the holidays. Our friends from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History discuss three Thanksgiving myths, while our Collections Team tells us of some away-from-home facts. For dessert: Local Thanksgiving weather history!

EPISODE 11 – 11/27/23
Theme: Traditions

We take a look at some notable traditions from around the world, as well as here at The Durham Museum, which celebrates a signature tradition in Christmas at Union Station. Speaking of traditions, National History Day organization is celebrating a 50th birthday and we discuss its connection to Nebraska. Our Objects and Artifacts segment dives into presidential holiday traditions, while our Collections team shows off photo albums from a well-known local photographer. Thomas Labedz, a collections manager with the University of Nebraska State Museum, looks at the similarities and differences between mammal and bird skulls.

EPISODE 12 – 12/4/23
Theme: Winter Solstice

Brrr! It’s getting cold out, but luckily you can enjoy this episode in the comfort of your warm school! Professor Durham shares some interesting history on the winter solstice. We’re joined by Jan Rodgers of the Smithsonian, who shares some fun and interesting objects from an Alaskan Iditarod race. Our Collections team shows off some of our own objects, including ice skates from the 19th century! Our Exhibition Exploration segment explores how area Native American tribes survived the harsh winter conditions, and of course, you can’t have a show about weather without our favorite weather forecasters from KETV.

EPISODE 13 – 12/11/23
Theme: Electricity

It’s our most electric episode of the season! Our friends from the University of Nebraska History Museum sheds light on how people managed before electricity existed, using objects from their collection. Dr. Hal Wallace with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History gets us in the holiday spirit by talking about holiday lighting traditions. Our own Collections team shows off some interesting hair-curling machines from the 1930s and 40s, Professor Durham has a lesson in static electricity and we close the episode in a flash with KETV weather.

EPISODE 14 – 1/8/24
Theme: Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy
This week’s program is in honor of the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! The episode includes nationally acclaimed MLK re-enactor, Stephon Furgason, performing the “I have a Dream” speech and a collections connection segment with the National Museum of American History.

EPISODE 15 – 1/22/24
Theme: Gold Rush and Migration
This episode includes a discussion around the transcontinental railroad from the Curator in the division of Work and Industry from the National Museum of American History, a Durham Museum exhibit exploration covering our outfitting city exhibit and our covered wagon, Professor Durham’s Today in History facts about the Gold Rush, and much more!

EPISODE 16 – 1/29/24
Theme: Natural History
This week’s program will highlight natural history, or the study of animals and plants. The episode includes information on homing pigeons from the National Museum of American History, a look into Lewis and Clark’s journals, a discussion about the Missouri River and ferries, and much more!

EPISODE 17 – 2/5/24
Theme: Black History Month
This episode includes special guests from the Great Plains Black History Museum and the House of Afros, Capes, and Curls. This episode also includes a look into the Greensboro Sit-In Lunch Counter from the Greensboro History Museum in North Carolina. Our Collections team also discusses the history of the Omaha Star newspaper.

EPISODE 18 – 2/12/24
Theme: Valentine’s Day
We can’t help but LOVE this week’s episode! It includes a curator from the National Museum of American History showing Woman Suffrage Valentine’s Cards, The Durham’s Collections team with some antique Valentines, the history of candy hearts, a visit from our friends from Lauritzen Gardens and much more!

EPISODE 19 – 2/19/24
Theme: Presidents’ Day
We’re joined by a special guest from the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Dr. Claire Jerry, who shares the history of Abraham Lincoln’s surprising watch. Show-and-tell with our Collection team takes us through our amazing Byron Reed Collection, which has several Presidential connections. This episode also includes Professor Durham’s book nook with “Of Thee I Sing” by Barack Obama, our Louis Leppke Portraits photo archive collection, a look at how presidents utilized trains, and much more!