Mary Munchhoff

This month Becky is stepping out of the spotlight to share the work of Kristen Rowley, our Collection Technician. Read below as Kristen shares about the career of singer Mary Munchhoff.


Mary Munchhoff was a successful singer in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. She was trained in Germany and toured across Europe, as well as parts of the United States, performing. While she was traveling, she would send postcards back to her parents in Omaha. Some of the postcards were of the halls that she sang in, the house she was staying in, or simply a landmark in the area she was in.

She often updated her mother, or “Darling Mamma,” as she sometimes opened her messages, on how her performance went, calling it a “great success” or “fine success”. When she wasn’t touring, Munchhoff spent her time in Omaha training young singers who would then perform in town. She also continued to give concerts in Omaha.

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