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Historic Paper Currency

Hello everyone,
Today’s topic: Historic Paper Currency

Although The Durham has some of the large Byron Reed coin collection on display, my heart belongs to the paper currency. Take a look for it in the exhibit or on our website here: http://durhammuseum.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/search/collection/p15426coll8/searchterm/currency/order/nosort

The collection ranges from 1770s colonial bills to 1860s Confederate notes to a 1892 bank note from Trenton, NJ! Part of what I love about older paper currency is what it is made out of: thicker, pulpy paper that still has the imprint from the stamps used. We recently received a object donation from our very own gem of a volunteer, Laurette! She donated a few shilling notes and they were so fun to take pictures of and study. It’s amazing that after all this time the signatures are still there and the ink is still a bright red! This is a good example of why we keep our paper money in such low light when it is on display. Light is ink’s worst enemy and we keep the lighting low to preserve the ink and paper while still having it out on display.

Currency 1758


Currency 1773


Currency 1776


Currency 1776



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