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Scout Programs

There’s a world of adventure awaiting Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts at The Durham Museum. From exploring our log cabin, to experiencing a Native American Earth lodge, your Scout Troop is invited to tour the museum and experience history together! See below to learn more about specific programming and opportunities.

Troops can book a visit at any time during museum hours. To do so, click the “Schedule Your Tour” button below and submit the request form or contact the Education Department at 402-444-5027 or by e-mail

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Omaha Union Station

Scout tours

The Durham Museum is proud to offer several fun options for Scouts of all ages, so there’s sure to be one that’s a great fit for your group. Book a tour (offered year-round) or workshop and provide a memorable, educational outing for your scout group!

In addition, The Durham Museum is proud to present the Celebrating our Community Badge for Brownies and Tiger Tales for Tiger Scouts. There is no better place to complete these requirements than at The Durham Museum, Omaha’s former Union Station and newest National Historic Landmark.

  • Tours and workshops are $5/scout or chaperone and troop leaders are admitted at no charge.
  • The cost for the Celebrating our Community Badge and Tiger Tales Advancement is a $200 flat rate fee for up to 25 guests, scouts or adult chaperones.

Merit badge workshops


The Durham Museum also provides six unique Merit Badge workshops, all set in our historic building and taught by museum educators. Dates, descriptions, and costs can be found below. Workshops are conveniently scheduled so that your troop can book two workshops in one day.

Citizenship in the nation

$8/members and $10/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

What is being a citizen all about? Requirement #2 of this badge suggests that Boy Scouts visit a National Historic Landmark or a location listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Why not visit an amazing local landmark that is both and have the opportunity to complete all of the requirements for this badge? Join us as we explore the Citizenship in the Nation!

american heritage

$8/members and $10/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

American Heritage is all about knowing the past and how it connects to the present. The Durham Museum is the perfect combination of past and present. Housed in Omaha’s former Union Station, The Durham Museum is offering Boy Scouts a chance to meet all of the requirements of the American Heritage badge in a one-of-a-kind historic setting!

Coin Collecting

$8/members and $10/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

The Durham Museum is home to the Byron Reed Coin Collection, considered to be one of the best coin collections in the country! Hear from coin experts about this amazing collection along with all of the other requirements for this special badge.

Indian Lore

*$13/members and $15/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

Visit The Durham Museum’s earth lodge and tipi to learn all about Indian Lore! In this workshop scouts will explore Native American games, storytelling, and artifacts from the museum’s Native American collection and exhibits. *Please note the workshop fee covers the cost of special supplies for this badge requirement.


$8/members and $10/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

Complete your Railroading Merit Badge at Omaha’s own Union Station! During the peak of train travel in Omaha, this building welcomed over 10,000 people a day traveling by train. Scouts will explore the ins and outs of both historic and modern train travel while completing all of the requirements for this unique merit badge.


*$13/members and $15/non-members ($5 per chaperone)

Did you know that The Durham Museum is home to an incredible collection of historic textiles? Our collection, in addition to modern textiles, will be used to show Scouts amazing examples of real-life textiles and how they can be used.  *Please note the workshop fee covers the cost of special supplies for this badge requirement.

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