Durham Museum Hosts North American Premiere of James Cameron – CHALLENGING THE DEEP

Exhibit on Display May 22- September 12

The Durham Museum is honored to host the North American premiere of the major new immersive exhibition James Cameron – CHALLENGING THE DEEP, featuring the work of acclaimed explorer and film-maker James Cameron. The exhibit takes visitors to the depths of our oceans through the lens of Cameron’s underwater cameras and his other incredible technological innovations that have enabled us to see the least known places on earth.

Cameron has had a lifelong fascination with the deep oceans. He has led eight major deep-sea expeditions and many submersible dives, setting world firsts including the historic solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the revolutionary DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible Cameron designed and built, the first exploration of the interior of the wreck of RMS Titanic, and the first seafloor-to-surface live broadcast.

Cameron’s expeditions, in collaboration with oceanographic and scientific institutions, have documented the shipwrecks of RMS Titanic and the German battleship Bismarck, explored deep ocean phenomena such as black smoker hydrothermal vents and discovered new species from the lowest point on earth. They have been chronicled in his documentaries and now, for the first time, in this major exhibition James Cameron – CHALLENGING THE DEEP.

Entering the exhibition through a recreation of a MIR submersible, visitors encounter an immersive environment of cinema presentations, rare artifacts and specimens from Cameron’s careers as an explorer and filmmaker. The exhibition includes the technical innovations Cameron developed to make the pioneering underwater feature film The Abyss in 1988, including the unique diving helmet he wore during the shoot alongside the original maquettes of the Pseudopod and the alien Manta Ship from this classic science-fiction feature film.

Visitors watch as Cameron explores the wreck of RMS Titanic on three expeditions and can see models, hand props and costumes from his blockbuster film Titanic. Highlights include the dress worn by actress Kate Winslet’s character Rose, boarding outfit worn by actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack, the iconic ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace and Jack’s sketches which were drawn by James Cameron himself.

Visitors vicariously accompany young scientists on some of their 43 dives with Cameron on his Aliens of the Deep Expedition to examine thriving deep ocean life, spectacular volcanic vents and geology that unlocks the potential secrets of life on other planets. And from Expedition Bismarck, they watch survivors of the battleship revisit the last resting place of their comrades and their giant warship.

To safely accommodate all guests, each person visiting must secure a ticket (for a specific date and arrival time) in advance at DurhamMuseum.org or by calling 402-444-5071. Challenging the Deep is included with museum admission.  For further information or to book visit www.DurhamMuseum.org/cameron.

James Cameron – CHALLENGING THE DEEP is a traveling exhibition produced by the Australian National Maritime Museum, in association with the Avatar Alliance Foundation and is toured internationally by Flying Fish. This exhibition is supported locally by Mutual of Omaha; Kiewit; the Richard Brooke Foundation; Valmont Industries, Inc.; HDR, Inc.; Douglas County, Nebraska; Cox Communications; the Claire M. Hubbard Foundation; The Durham Society and DA Davidson. Media support provided by KETV.

Exhibition Related Exhibits and Programs

Style and Speed: Passenger Liner Travel of the 20th Century
On display May 22 – September 12
In the early 20th century, passenger liner travel dominated the ocean waves. The rise of luxury ship companies like the White Star Line produced some of the most famous passenger liners in maritime history. Companies competed to outdo each other in luxury and speed. Social elites on either side of the Atlantic enjoyed an unparalleled experience sacrificing no comfort for the voyage. This exhibition presents a brief history of this golden age of transatlantic travel, using local stories such as Emil Brandeis’ ill-fated trip aboard the RMS Titanic and local society pages which brought news to Omaha of its citizens’ travels abroad.

Virtual Lecture with Dr. Robert Ballard
Thursday, June 10, 6:30-7:30PM CST
The Durham Museum is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Ballard will be joining us for a virtual lecture this summer. Among the most accomplished and well known of the world’s deep-sea explorers, Dr. Ballard is best known for his historic discoveries of hydrothermal vents, the sunken RMS Titanic, the German battleship Bismarck and numerous other contemporary and ancient shipwrecks around the world. During his long career he has conducted more than 150 deep-sea expeditions using the latest in exploration technology. There is no cost to attend this virtual presentation, but registration is required. Once you have registered, you will be emailed a link to access the program. Register by calling 402-444-5071, emailing reservations@DurhamMuseum.org, or going online to DurhamMuseum.org/cameron.

Visit www.DurhamMuseum.org/cameron for a full listing of CHALLENGING THE DEEP programs and events.