The Durham Museum

- February 3, 2013

Created by The Durham’s curatorial and exhibition team, Worn with Pride: Americans in Uniform gives visitors an up-close examination of the lives of service men and women in the midst of combat. Artifacts from each conflict the United States has been involved with from the Civil War to present day Iraq and Afghanistan are showcased to bring home the very personal experiences of war and how advances in technology has changed that experience over the last 150 years.

The exhibit includes items loaned from several local veterans and collectors of military service objects. These are displayed alongside artifacts from the Nebraska State Historical Society, the State Historical Society of Iowa, Strategic Air and Space Museum, and the Durham’s own collection.
Items of special note include artifacts from the Civil War, both Union and Confederacy, artifacts from the first Nebraska volunteer in the Spanish-American war, and uniforms from Senator Charles “Chuck” Hagel, General Robert “Bob” Kehler of U.S. Strategic Command, Lieutenant General Leo W. Smith, II and Vice Admiral C.R. “Bob” Bell.