New Exhibit Explores the Stories of Historic Omaha Women

The Durham Museum has partnered with the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s History Department and Service Learning Academy to produce an immersive, interdisciplinary experience focused on twelve Nebraska women and their experience in the Midwest for students in the spring and fall semesters of 2017. In conjunction with the curriculum of Dr. Elaine Nelson, Assistant Professor of History and Executive Director of the Western History Association, museum staff instructed 30 students enrolled in Women in America Since 1875 and Women and Gender in the American West on conducting oral histories, independent research related to the experience of women in the Western United States and the distillation of that research and the modern oral histories into an exhibition entitled Women in Omaha: A Biographical Sketch of Persistence Through History. The exhibit opens Saturday, February 3 and remains open through July 29.

“Women in Omaha have always shaped the city’s economy, cultural diversity and political development. Yet their experiences are not likely recorded in the pages of history. This project highlights how the everyday lives of women continue to impact communities throughout the city of Omaha. As teachers, business leaders, workers, lawyers, artists, engineers, mothers, and members of the military, their stories are powerful glimpses into our country’s past,” said Dr. Nelson.

This exhibit is part of The Durham Museum’s newly created program called “Community Classroom.” In this program students used the museum, the staff, collection and exhibit galleries to augment their in-class experience.

Women included in the exhibition (full bios of each on attached page):
Dr. Jacqueline St John
Rita Melgares, JD
Ella Jean Rogers
Sarah Joslyn
Octa Keen, MSN
Rose Blumkin
Linda Garcia-Perez
Edwina Justus
Kimi Takechi
Cleo Moore
Margaret Suchy
Ashleigh Buch, SSGT