the National Command Club

For more than 20 years, The Durham Museum’s train cars have been a favorite of millions of museum visitors who have climbed aboard to experience what it was like to travel by train. In March of 2019, The Durham Museum launched a community-wide crowdfunding effort called the National Command Club to help re-carpet, re-upholster, and revitalize the “National Command” 1202 sleeper car and return the car to its former glory. The entire restoration effort for this car cost $55,000. The goal for the community-wide crowdfunding effort was $30,000, and these funds were paired with a generous lead gift to complete the restoration work on the National Command train car.

The crowdfunding effort exceeded its goal and raised $31,957.98. The National Command Car officially reopened on May 10, 2019 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike.

Harriman Family Line train car National Command Train Car National Command Train Car

About the National Command:

The National Command 1202 is a Pullman sleeper car built in 1956. It contains 6 roomettes (single rooms), 4 double bedrooms, and 6 open sections with upper berths each containing two lower berth bench seats. Union Pacific added the number 1202 to the car in July of 1969. When passenger travel ended in the ‘70s, the car was sold to a private owner for a period of time before returning to the Union Pacific fleet for special service. It has been on display at The Durham Museum since the ‘90s, where visitors walk through daily and imagine what life was like during the era of passenger rail travel.

About the Restoration:

The Durham Museum engaged former railroaders, volunteers, and professionals to help guide the restoration of this historic car. Every effort was made to choose materials that reflect the look, feel, and spirit of the car as it was in its service years. The car was restored using professional installers.

Look What We Found!

During the restoration we found some hidden gems! A 1950s era mirror, train car menu and a “Sandwich Spectaculars” recipe booklet left behind from long ago travelers.

Hand-held mirror Train Car Menu Old Advertisements

How Can I Help?

If you are interested in supporting the museum, consider a gift to the Annual Fund, which provides general operating support for other projects like this one.



Have questions? Please contact the Development Office at 402-444-5071 or email

Omaha Union Station

passenger manifest

The following includes a list of members of the National Command Club – individuals who supported or were remembered in the efforts to restore the National Command 1202.

Special thanks is given to Union Pacific for lending its support and expertise to the project.


John and Lynne Boyer Family
Trish and Dick Davidson
Harlan O. Falk, Great Western Bank
Kathy and Mike Gross
The Janssen Family: Tom, Christi, Mary and Jack
Jean and Lee Johnson
Ken and Karen Keegan
The Knuth Family: Brad, Amy, Emily and Anna
Stephanie and Jack Koraleski
Sunny Lundgren
The Robino Family
Willa (Billie) Sheffield
Lydia Mae and William James
Jim and Shirley Young Family

First Class

Marvin and Kay Andersen
Mary Anna and Clyde Anderson
Samuel Foster Atkins
Charles Billesbach
William Piepmeier and Janice Boyer
Ed Burchfield, Paul Cohen and Leo Smith
Jeanette and Hal Capps
Liza Bissell Carroll
The Durham Museum Volunteers
Bob Fahey
Maura Fay and Clare Fay
Roger and Joyce Fitch
Wyatt Gandy
Beverly and Randall Greer
Gerry Harrington
Dave and Lynn Hayes
Betsy and Roger Hildebrandt
The Hoppes Family
Anna and Steven Hudson
Dave Johnson, Sr.
John Kaufman
The Kircher Family
Cheyrl Kohout
Mary and Ed Mahoney
Carrie and Ed May
Bob McAnally
Todd, Michelle, Lily and James Pernicek
Henry Peterson
Isaac Peterson
John Peterson
Linda Peterson
Milo Peterson
Lenore Polack
Emily Runge
Cynthia Shuck and John Savage
Marcia and Paul Seeling
Robert L. Storz
Lee Tatum
Dan and Laura Tierney
Ellie Waggoner
Diane Wara
J. M. Wolff Family
Jim Young


Polly Andres
Michael Ashton
The Augustine Family Grandkids
Lucas Baker
John and Donna Beane
Mike, Kristi and Tobey Bezousek
Brandon Blumenthal
Harvey J. Claussen, Sr.
Harvey J. Claussen, Jr.
Alistair Cullum
Deb and Gary Elliott
Diane Falk
John Fluehr
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Frankeberger
Michael and Sue Gorman
Alex Hanneman
Brynlee Hansen
Dale Hansen
Lee Hansen
Art Hanson
Mary Jo Havlicek
Ian Henze
George and Wallace Herzog
Jack and Max Herzog
Eve Gabriella Hinze
Tom Johnson
Joseph Journey
Luke Journey
Marlene and Jeffrey Kasza
Deb Landolt
Everly Grace Meyer
Owen James Meyer
Nancy and Bill Meyers
Gregory Mikuls
Maria Miller
James Mintern
Dan Murphy
Heather and Marty Nelson
Ed Olsufka
Asher and Margot Owen
Jacob Palmer
Rebecca Palmer
Katherine and Raymond Pietrucha
Ashish Pokharel
Eddie Pracht
Jeremy Pracht
Logan Pracht
Jacqueline Quigley
Jerry Ramaekers
Robert Sanderhoff
Mary and Dave Sanderson
Jack Sholes and Scarlett Sholes
Naomi Smith
Rendell Soderquist
Martin Thon
Graham VanMoorleghem
Ben Vlock
Dan Vlock
Vicki and Rick Warner
Camden Michael Wieners
Jacob August Wieners
Tyler Matthew Wieners
Ashley Wilson
Corey Wilson



National Command Car 2 After the Restoration