80 Years of the Omaha Star

August 7, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The Durham Museum
Stanley and Dorothy Truhlsen Lecture Hall
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Mildred Dee Brown

Mildred Dee Brown

2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of the only remaining African American newspaper in Omaha: the Omaha Star. To date it is the longest running newspaper founded by an African American woman. Known for her trademark white carnation corsage, Mildred Dee Brown was the matriarch of Omaha’s Near North Side—a historically black part of town—and an iconic city leader. Her remarkable life, a product of the Reconstruction era and Jim Crow, reflects a larger American history that includes the Great Migration, the Red Scare of the post–World War era, civil rights and black power movements, desegregation and urban renewal. Within the context of African American and women’s history studies, Dr. Amy Forss will examine the impact of the black press through the narrative of Brown’s life and work.

Reservations are required. Summer promotion! Only $5 per person; free for members. Reserve your seat online, then pay when you arrive at the event. Have questions? Call 402-444-5071 or email reservations@DurhamMuseum.org.

Parents can join Dr. Amy Forss for the lecture while kids enjoy storytime with Dr. Amy Forss’s children’s book Newspapers & Butter Pecan Ice Cream: Mrs. Mildred Brown and the Omaha Star!
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Dr. Amy Forss

Dr. Amy Forss

Amy Helene Forss serves as Metropolitan Community College’s History program chair. She has a PhD in African American History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her first book, Black Print with a White Carnation: Mildred Brown and the Omaha Star Newspaper, 1938-1989, was published by the University of Nebraska Press in 2014. In 2017, Newspapers & Butter Pecan Ice Cream, a children’s picture book adaptation of her first book was published for 3rd graders. Currently, she is writing, Borrowing from our Foremothers, a comparison of suffragist visual rhetoric imitated by modern day feminists. It will be published by University of Nebraska Press in 2020.