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Scholars in Residence

The Durham Scholars in Residence initiative is an educational outreach program developed to promote academic enrichment in area schools and community organizations for all age levels. The Durham Scholars in Residence program provides support to curriculum as well as current topics of local and national interest. The Durham is proud to help our community celebrate cultural heritage and history throughout the school year. Below are a few examples of these opportunities.

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month
  • April: Holocaust Remembrance Month
  • September: Hispanic Heritage Month/Constitution Day
  • November: Native American Heritage Month

For additional opportunities you can bring to your classroom, visit our Digital Learning page.

featured program

Jerome Kills Small is an Oglala Lakota from Porcupine, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Kills Small is a 1997 graduate from the University of South Dakota, with an M.A. in Selected Studies, and retired after 20 years at USD. He taught Lakota Language, American Indian Thought, Siouan Tribal Culture, Early Native American History. Jerome is a storyteller for public schools, museums, and colleges. Jerome translates, explains, and sings Lakota ceremonial, sweatlodge, powwow, rabbit, round dance, warrior, vision quest, and sundance songs. He sings with the Iron Wing Singers of Wagner, SD. He is a powwow organizer, announcer, arena director, and helps in conducting Lakota ceremonies.

Register below for Kills Small’s VIRTUAL lectures.

School sessions

Join us in celebration of Native American Heritage Month as we host Jerome Kills Small. Kills Small tells children’s stories and animal stories that have been passed down for generations as part of the Lakota and Dakota Sioux traditions. Among the types of stories covered are iktomi (trickster tales) and ohunkanka (old legends).

november 16 at 10AM
november 16 at 1PM
november 17 at 2pm

public session

Register for a special public session that will describe the history and origin of Lakota songs and dances.
november 17 at noon
Omaha Union Station

Support for The Scholars in Residence Program at The Durham is generously provided by:

Sunny Durham Family Foundation
Carol Gendler
Susan Beeghly
A. Cydog Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo

Questions? Contact the Education Department at 402-444-5027 or email