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Can’t visit the museum? We can come to you! The Durham Museum offers a variety of school-year outreach workshops. These programs are a perfect fit for individual classrooms during the school day, as well as after-school programs, daycares and more. Each workshop is available for groups up to 30 students and multiple groups can be scheduled in one day for your convenience. Workshops cost $75 and last 1 hour. Programs can be tailored to a variety of age groups but are recommended for elementary age students.

Omaha Union Station

2020-2021 Outreach workshops

Curator for a day

We’re not only coming to present to you during this workshop, but we’re bringing the museum! Students will help us figure out what several mysterious artifacts were used for in the past as they learn what it means for something to be considered an “artifact”. Then, they’ll imagine today’s everyday objects as “artifacts” of the future.

early omaha

Ever wonder how Omaha got its roots? Learn about William D. Brown, Native American life and the struggles families faced in the early years of the city. Explore what it took for families like the Creighton’s and Dodge’s to establish the city’s first fire department, police unit and a public-school system.

historic games

We have always been entertained by video games or even modern board games! Pioneers and Native Americans living on the Great Plains in the 1800s had to make do with limited materials. Students will not only get to try their hand at a few of these games but will make their own to take home!

historic schoolroom

Step back to the 1890’s and see how different it was to attend a one-room school! Explore daily life from this time period through artifacts, stories, and reciting real lessons students did in their classroom. Who will be the spelling bee champion or have the best penmanship? Students will also compare their visit to what they experience in classrooms today.

native american life

Explore the life of the Plains Indians tribes. Enter the Durham Museum’s tipi and earth lodge to interact with Native American artifacts and meet Scout, our resident buffalo. Learn how the Native Americans used the resources around them throughout the centuries.

Omaha’s world’s fair

What do Paris, Chicago, and London have in common with Omaha, Nebraska? They all hosted huge expositions many years ago that brought millions of visitors and put their cities “on the map”. Join us for a tour of a model, photographs, and artifacts from the Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition (a.k.a. Omaha’s “World’s Fair”).

On the trail with lewis and clark

Join the expedition! Learn about Meriwether Lewis & William Clark’s journey through the untamed Louisiana Purchase. Explore the Corps of Discovery’s three important goals as they experienced the land that is now Nebraska and beyond.

pioneer life

Visit our log cabin and experience the life of a Great Plains pioneer. Students will take part in a “choose your adventure” session where they will have to make the tough choices the pioneers had to make as they prepared to travel west and build a new life!

photos from the past

“A picture tells a thousand words” is one of the truest sayings out there! The Durham Museum has over 1 million images in our Photo Archive. Students in this workshop will explore some unique, fascinating, and even funny photos from past decades including a chance to see how we use a light box to view glass negatives.

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