Becky Putzer, Collection ManagerAt The Durham Museum, exhibits are only part of our story. There is a lot of work done behind the scenes to research the items that are on display and keep the objects in our collection in good shape. Our Collection Manager, Becky Putzer, oversees the long-term preservation of our collections and often comes across interesting objects that are not on public display. Every few weeks Becky will post about some of these artifacts and their stories, providing insight into how the museum preserves them for future generations. We hope you will find a new appreciation for the museum as a place to experience engaging exhibits and events, but also as a repository of some pretty neat artifacts that help researchers, interns and the public learn about history!

Spotlight on the Collection

Historic Paper Currency

Hello everyone, Today’s topic: Historic Paper Currency Although The Durham has some of the large Byron Reed coin collection on display, my heart belongs to the paper currency. Take a look for it in the exhibit or on our website here: The collection ranges from 1770s colonial bills to 1860s Confederate notes to a 1892 bank note from Trenton,… Continue Reading Historic Paper Currency

Captain David Haney’s Letter

Hello! Today: Captain David Haney’s letter A short one this time. One of the most touching things I have come across is this simple letter. It was written by Captain David Haney to his future son-in-law, John Warren. Captain Haney was a steamboat captain and so he notes that he is sending the letter from the “Office of the Steamer… Continue Reading Captain David Haney’s Letter