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Bostwick’s Caribbean Cruise Photos

Today’s topic: Bostwick’s Caribbean Cruise Photos

The really interesting thing about the Bostwick Collection, besides his subject matter, is that he switched from glass plates to film during his career. He took photos from the turn of the century through the early 1940s! While we have both film and glass plate from other photographers, the collection is usually all one medium. Bostwick was active at just the right time to see a change in technology and style and we benefit from this today! Even when he switched to film, Bostwick used 8×10 negatives almost exclusively to get the most detail.

This Caribbean collection of images was taken on 4×5 glass plate negatives and show scenery and people from various islands. Bostwick was on this cruise to photograph various Omahans as they took their vacation in this tropical locale. He even wrote back to an Omaha newspaper to update the city on what he was experiencing. These negatives were pulled out and stored by themselves and have been patiently waiting to be digitized. What better time to look at tropical views that the middle of a Nebraska winter?! One of our Collection Facilitators, Haiden Nelson, worked diligently to identify as many islands and landmarks as she could so that anyone viewing the images actually knows what they are looking at! The images can be found here: Bostwick Caribbean Cruise and if you are interested in buying a print or digital copy for your own use, please contact Bill Gonzalez at photoarchive@durhammuseum.org or 402-444-5071 and tell him the “Identifier” of the photo you are interested in. (This is located below the image once you click on the thumbnail image) You can do this for any of our images online!

Just a few examples…follow the link above to see more!

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