The Durham Museum

Architecture and Design Class
The Durham Museum is one of the best examples of original Art Deco architecture and design in the nation. This class is designed to use the magnificent Union Station building, as well as the museum’s premier permanent exhibits, as learning tools. Students will discover how an Omaha Indian earth lodge was made, the characteristics of other early housing in our city, and the mysteries behind designing the Trans-Mississippi Exhibition buildings. The use of photos from our Photo Archives will help illustrate the growth of our community.

Guided Tour
This guided tour will lead students through hundreds of years of area history while exploring museum exhibitions. The tour includes information on the history of the museum building, and winds through restored train cars into
a Native American earth lodge and tipi, through re-created early Omaha city homes, and on to the Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898. This tour can be tailored to fit specific interests and the needs of your class.

Omaha History Class
Our innocent little town was founded in 1854, with only 24 permanent residents calling it “home.” How did our city go from a population of 24 to nearly half a million today? What bumps and hurdles did we overcome to make Omaha one of the fastest-growing cities in the Midwest? Hands-on artifacts, photos, and stories help students better understand the rapid growth and maturity of our river-front town.

Primary and Secondary Resources Workshop
By using the exhibits and the museum’s photo archive, students are able to better understand what primary and secondary resources are and how to use them. This is a great tie-in for those who are interested in History Day.

Traveling Exhibit Tour
Give your class a great opportunity to explore some of the nation’s top exhibitions. Click here for a list of current traveling exhibits. Resources for pre- and post- visit activities are available as well.

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