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What is CEO?

CEO stands for: Community Exhibit Outreach.

What does CEO do?
CEO gives teachers tools crafted at The Durham Museum for education- tools that will grab their student’s attention and put learning in the hands of the students.

What does The Durham get from CEO?
CEO is a way our museum can continue to reach out into the community. It is an addition that will communicate the Durham Museum’s value of the community that makes our work possible. In order to support our mission, we as a museum must first support the hungry minds of the community.

How did CEO come about?
CEO was developed by asking the question of how we can recycle our built exhibits further and increase their educational life. In our process we continually reuse and recycle components until one of the following occurs:
The item has no further use to the exhibits team.
The item breaks beyond repair.
The item will not fit in storage for future use.
The items created by the exhibits team have hours invested in them and are great educational pieces, but there is limited space in which to store them. The exhibit items will be stored for about a year until it is evaluated that the space they occupy is more important than holding onto them. Only so much can be stored, and the rest must be thrown away, ending up in the landfill instead of in a classroom or elsewhere enriching the learning experience of young people. Not only is CEO a green solution, but our community’s teachers and students will benefit, because they can receive complex, thought-provoking items.

Do the teachers even want what we have to offer?
The answer is, quite simply, yes. We donated 3 items this spring in a pilot project. With the help of our Educational Outreach Manager who put us in contact with Omaha area educators, we received a flurry of responses from teachers who were interested in our pieces.
Here are a few responses.

President Nebraska Association for the Gifted Westside Middle School
“We'll take them all if we can.”

Lewis and Clark:
“We will take it at Lewis and Clark! “

Saint Peter Paul:
“Sts. Peter and Paul science dept would be interested! Can we talk?”

Based on the overwhelming response we received just for the first three pieces alone, we are eager to establish CEO as an ongoing outreach program at The Durham. It is a great opportunity to give back to the community, foster a more sustainable work environment, and communicate to the community at large about the terrific work the Durham Museum is doing.

We received the vortex equipment in April. The Science teacher was absolutely thrilled and can't wait to use it when we start back to school in the fall. I will make sure that she takes lots of pictures and the students write about their learning experience.
If the Plumb Drum hasn't been adopted, I know someone here would put it to good use. Please let me know.
We are very grateful for the support of the Omaha community.
Trish “