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Digital Learning Opportunities


The Durham Museum’s digital learning program offers unique opportunities for learners of all ages. Taught by educators, these engaging and interactive classes follow National and State Social Studies Standards and are filled with primary sources featuring artifacts, videos, and photographs along with pre- and post-visit activities. Each session lasts 30 minutes (time can be made flexible; Virtual Vault opportunities are approximately 15 minutes). Each session should be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Building of the Transcontinental Railroad (Recommend for Grades 4-8)

In 1863, President Lincoln signed a document that designated the eastern terminus of the proposed transcontinental rail route in Omaha, Nebraska. Within a short time dirt was flying in Nebraska and California where the western route was started. Thousands of workers, supply trains and equipment were used to complete this project and connect the United States. After six years, the rails were joined at Promontory Point, Utah on May 10, 1869. 

Art Deco in Architecture (Recommended for Grades 5-8)

Experience Omaha’s Union Station, a world-renowned example of Art Deco Architecture. Built in 1931, Union Station’s style represents the power, strength, and masculinity of the railroad industry it housed. This videoconference will allow viewers to explore the history of the building as well as the intricate details that make up this specific architectural style.


Other Virtual Field Trips: In addition to the fantastic digital learning opportunities listed above, we also offer the following classes as virtual field trips. 

All Aboard!

Historic Schoolroom

Neighborhood Store

Pioneer Life

Native American Life


Virtual Vault: The Durham Museum’s Virtual Vault is a unique opportunity to see behind-the-scenes while learning about a topic that your class is studying! These 15-minute experiences are perfect as an introduction to many topics in your classroom and take students into the vault to view artifacts about the following topics:


WWII Trunk

Money Matters

Exploring Maps

Unique Nebraska

Retro Tech


For more information on our Digital Learning opportunities, contact:

Kim Doubek                                                                                Abby Jung                                           

402.444.5027 ext. 562                                                                402.444.5027 ext. 528