The Durham Museum
Home School Programming 2014
Thursday, September 4th
*Durham Design Zone
What does it take to create a video game, line up rhythms like the best DJs, or design a roller coaster that produces the biggest thrills? Whether it is art, music, or engineering, it takes math and science to meet these design challenges. We will not only spend time in Design Zone, our traveling exhibition from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, but will also participate in activities related to inventions, problem-solving, and collaboration.
Thursday, November 13th
*Identity: An Exhibition of You?
What makes you…you? In Identity: An Exhibition of You, developed and produced by The Franklin Institute, we will explore the diverse influences that make us who we are. Through a series of hands-on, interactive and situational experiences, we will discover our own personality, how our genes help determine what we look like but not who we are, and how science is providing new insights into the way we think about our personal identity. Best of all, each experience in Identity will be totally unique – that’s why it’s an “exhibition of you!”
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