The Durham Museum
Winter Camps 2013

The Durham Museum’s winter camps make for an exhilarating holiday break! Campers can register for the entire winter camp session at a discounted rate, or for individual days. Each session will focus on varying subjects such as “Durham’s Laboratory” “Wizard School”, Durham Design Zone (featuring activities related to our upcoming exhibit) “A Day in the Life: the 1950s and 60s” “Welcome 2014” and. Of course, “Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear” These highly engaging camps will be led by certified teachers and will feature hands-on activities, games and tours to support each theme.


Download the registration form or please call The Durham Education Department at 402-444-5027.


DATES: December 23, 26-27, 30, January 2-3


COST:  $40 member/$50 non-member per day

           $90 member/$120 non-member for 3 days

           $180 member/$210 non-member for 6 days


Before and After Care: $10 per day

Before Care: 7:45am

After Care: 5:15pm

Lunch: Available from the Soda Fountain


Monday, December 23 – “Durham’s Laboratory”
Warm up the Bunsen burner, adjust those safety goggles and slip on your lab coat, because things are about to get messy! Spend the day in our lab uncovering the science behind oxidation, or attempt to make an egg float and maybe even cause a volcano to erupt. Who knew science could be so much fun?


Thursday, December 26 – “A Day in the Life: the 1950s and 60s”

Step back in time to experience life as it was when your grandparents were your age.  Learn about the music, games and pop culture that made these decades a special time in American history. Get ready to “rock around the clock” and have fun at the sock hop!


Friday, December 27 – “Durham Design Zone”

What does it take to create a skyscraper, roller coaster or a golf course? It takes creative problem solving and imagination! In Durham Design Zone, you’ll put your math and science skills to the test as you create fun challenges for all to enjoy. Design Zone from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will be at the Durham in the summer of 2014.


Monday, December 30 – “Welcome 2014”

The Durham is preparing for the New Year early this season! Campers will discover the history of what we know as New Years’ Eve as well as explore the exciting traditions that come along with the holiday. We will also learn how other cultures and countries celebrate the New Year and other winter celebrations.


Thursday, January 2 – “Wizard School”
Could your winter break use a dash of fun, a spoonful of excitement and a little magic? Join us for one of our most popular themes. Wizard School allows campers to learn about this magical world through hands on experiments, games, magic tricks and crafts. Sign up quick before your chance vanishes in a puff of smoke.


Friday, January 3 – “Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear
What do trypanophobia, mysophobia and cynophobia have in common? Find out as we spend the day exploring the science behind fear in “Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear.” Campers will also explore everyday fears and other phobias in this highly interactive day of fun and learning.