The Durham Museum
$0 $0$0 $0 $0$0 $0 $0$0 $0 $0 $0$0 $0Spend your summer with Sue! A T. Rex Named Sue, from Chicago's Field Museum, will be with us all summer and provide the backdrop for fun and learning. Themes include a variety of science, history and contemporary topics. And, of course, dinosaurs! The summer kicks off on June 3, with a week of Exploring Omaha, during which campers have the opportunity to visit five Omaha attractions in five days. Throughout the summer, camps such as Building Wonders, Exploring the Arts, Save the World, and Just Imagine are sure to keep children of all ages engaged and excited. All of The Durham's Summer Camps are taught by certified teachers from the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. Before and after care is available to accommodate your schedule, along with lunchtime activities for those that stay the whole day. Registration is now open for what promises to be a summer packed full of fun at The Durham's Summer Camps.      $0 $0 $0 About A T. Rex Named Sue$0 The Tyrannosaurus Rex has long commanded respect and sparked curiosity in the mind of the public, and Sue is the most famous T. Rex of all. At 42 feet (12.8 m) long and 12 feet (3.66 m) tall at the hips, her skeleton inspires as much awe today as she did 67 million years ago. $0 $0 In the Field Museum's traveling exhibition, A T. Rex Named Sue, explore how this remarkable creature interacted with its world and what we can learn from studying its bones. Revel in the sheer size of a fully articulated, life-sized skeleton cast, look a cast of Sue's skull in the eye, and experience Sue's movement, vision, and sense of smell for yourself. Touch casts of Sue's bones and diagnose pathologies that left their mark in Sue's leg, jaw, and tail. Follow Sue's sensational journey from the Cretaceous to the rock of South Dakota to the U.S. courts, and finally to the world. Learn about the technology used to prepare and study this very special fossil. $0 $0Summer Camp Descriptions$0 A Day at a Time Camps*$0 Needing some flexibility during the holiday week or at the end of the summer? Take advantage of our “A Day at a Time” camps. Each day is something different but full of fun! Participate in the Durham Olympics, the Brain Bowl, Dino Day or take a trip with Around the World Day! You can do the whole week, a few days or just one day.$0 $0 Animal Adventures$0 From aardvarks to zebras, your animal adventure awaits! Come explore animals, both real and mythical, at The Durham. Soon you'll realize your world is full of amazing creatures. $0 $0 Brain Busters$0 Put on your thinking caps and join us for a brain-busting week at The Durham! Campers will learn how their brains can solve tricky puzzles and put their minds to work during this mindbending camp. $0 $0 Building Wonders$0 Use your imagine and some unusual materials to construct amazing architectural marvels! Campers will explore how architects make buildings strong by trying their hand at building bridges, exploring shapes, and even learning how buildings are demolished. $0 $0 Durham All-Stars$0 What do polo, eating hot dogs, and basketball have in common? Whether you have heard of them or not, they are all popular competitions in some part of the world! Spend a week learning about all things sports, both the popular and the unusual, during this high-speed camp. $0 $0 Durham Dinosaurs$0 Not just any dinosaur, but the king of all dinosaurs, the T. Rex! Learn all there is to know about these mysterious beasts: when they lived, how they lived, what they ate, and why they aren't around today. $0 $0 Earth: Inside and Out$0 Explore our massive planet from outer space to underground. Campers will learn about everything from animals to transportation as they explore the globe from top to bottom. $0 $0 Exploring Omaha I & II*$0 O! What a city! Do you think you have experienced all that Omaha has to offer? See why our city is truly the best through VIP tours of your favorite Omaha locations. Beginning the week, campers will spend a day at The Durham Museum and Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, followed by a day at the Joslyn Art Museum and the Lauritzen Gardens. Another day will be shared between Omaha Community Playhouse and Boys Town, with the week ending at Strategic Air and Space Museum. Each day of camp will begin and end at The Durham, and students will need to bring a sack lunch. The cost of camp is $140 per child, which includes transportation to and from each location. $0 $0 Exploring the Arts$0 Discover all things art at The Durham! Spend the week drawing, singing, dancing, and performing your way through every genre of art you can possibly imagine. $0 $0 Junior Curator $0 Develop your own exhibit at The Durham with the help of the Durham's Curatorial team. Learn the process of researching a topic, choosing artifacts, and designing an exhibit before hosting a show for parents and friends at the end of the week. $0 $0 Just Imagine$0 Spend the week imagining your way through exciting possibilities! Campers will investigate what it's like to be anything from a policeman to a superhero during this extraordinary camp. $0 $0 Medieval Manor$0 Will you be a knight, the damsel in distress, or the king of all the land? Join us at the Durham for a week of all things medieval and learn about this daring time in history!$0 $0 Prehistoric Nebraska$0 Can you imagine a Nebraska before people? Learn what our great state was really like so many years ago with hands-on activities including a special trip to the Sue exhibit at The Durham!$0 $0 Save the World$0 Be a superhero to your community by spending a week at the Durham! Learn about conserving the environment, helping endangered species, and protecting our planet through hands-on activities and community outreach opportunities. $0 $0 Science of 'Saurs$0 Grab your lab coat and goggles as we use the Sue exhibit to learn about science. Campers will explore scientific methods, try their hand at experiments, and be a dinosaur detective at The Durham. $0 $0 So you Think you Can…$0 Do origami? Juggle? Name all the planets? Join the Durham for a week exploring The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls. Test your skills at a variety of exciting and sometimes random activities!$0 $0 Soldier in the Civil War$0 Step back in time and learn about battles strategies, marching formations, and the daily life of an enlisted soldier. Troops will visit Forest Lawn Cemetery and learn about Civil War veterans from around our area.$0 $0 Wizard Science School$0 Just how do those amazing magicians make things disappear? Learn the real science behind magic and illusions during this spellbinding week at the Durham!$0 $0Schedule$0 Morning Session: 9AM-12PM$0 Afternoon Session: 1PM-4PM$0 Exploring Omaha I & II: 9AM-4PM$0 A Day at a Time: 9AM-4PM$0 Please use camp codes on the registration form. (Example: Use AA32 for Animal Adventures)$0 $0 $0 July 29-August 2*$0 Ages 5-7 and 8+: Exploring Omaha II (EOII) Camp is full for all ages$0 $0 August 5-8*$0 Ages 5-7 and 8+: A Day at a Time$0 Daily Themes:$0 August 5- Durham Olympics (DT101)$0 August 6- Dino Day (DT102)$0 August 7- Brain Bowl (DT103)$0 August 8- Around the World Day (DT104)$0 August 9- No Camp$0 $0 Camp Fees$0 Half Day $0 (One week-long morning OR week-long afternoon session)$0 Member $80/child$0 Non-Member $90/child$0 $0 Full Day$0 (One week-long morning AND week-long afternoon session)$0 Member $160/child$0 Non-Member $180/child$0 $0 *Specialty Camp Rates$0 Exploring Omaha I & II$0 Member/Non-Member $140/child$0 $0 A Day at a Time$0 Member $40/day or $140/4 days (per child)$0 Non-Member $50/day or $160/4 days (per child)$0 $0 Before & After Care$0 Before and after care is available for an additional $30 per week. Before care runs from 7:45-9:00AM, and after care runs from 4:00-5:15PM. During this time, children play games, draw, read, or participate in other activities supervised by the education staff. $0 $0 Please note: Drop-ins for before care and after care are subject to availability. The rate for drop-in care is $10 per morning or afternoon session. $0 $0 Lunch Care$0 Supervision during lunch is free from 12:00-1:00PM for the week your child is enrolled. Children may bring a sack lunch or $5 to purchase lunch. After eating, the children will play games or participate in other activities led by education staff until the afternoon camp session begins. $0 $0 Cancellation Policy$0 All cancellations MUST be made two weeks prior to the first day of the session and are subject to a $20 processing fee per camp. No refunds will be given without two weeks prior notification. $0