The Durham Museum

he Earth sustains us, protects us, and makes life possible; but it also humbles us with its dramatic power. The Durham Museum is pleased to host Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters from Chicago’s Field Museum.  This dynamic exhibition, explores natural disasters through stunning displays, state-of-the-art animations, poignant, large-scale images, and cultural artifacts that reveal the dynamic relationship we have with the Earth.

Nature Unleashed focuses on four types of disasters – earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornados.  These phenomena are the spectacular results of the forces that drive our ever-changing planet. Nature Unleashed examines the science behind the history and headlines and illustrates how much we know and how much we are still learning about nature’s terrifying power.

Visitors are in for a memorable and powerful experience! Witness what it’s like to stand inside a roaring tornado; trigger an underwater earthquake and simulate a tsunami; create a virtual volcano; touch and examine rock and lava specimens that tell of past geologic events; discover how people adapt to living at risk; and be inspired by the resiliency of disaster survivors. Nature Unleashed is on display now until September 12, 2010 at The Durham Museum.

This exhibition and its national tour were developed by The Field Museum, Chicago. National Tour Sponsor: 

Nature Unleashed is sponsored by Valmont Industries, Inc., HDR, Inc., the Douglas County Commissioners, First National Bank, Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc., the Durham Society, Telvent DTN, the Parker Family Foundation and the Robert H. Storz Foundation. Media support provided by WOWT Channel 6.

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(c) United States Geological Survey; Photo by G.E. Ulrich hres.USGA.RIFT_007 (Erupting Volcano)
(c) United States Geological Survey; Photo by Jim Vallance USGA.1980. mshj00027 (Mt. St. Helens)
(c) Carsten Peter/National Geographic Image collection hres.NGS.MM6880_0006 (Tim Samaras Storm-chasing)