The Durham Museum

For decades, the classic “American Vacation” has brought families together to witness the wonder and beauty of countless natural and historical sites, experience the taste of life in another part of the country or visit the nation’s top attractions. For most, the family car was the only way to travel.  Mothers, fathers and siblings passed mile-marker after mile-marker on the open road, playing travel games, talking and making the occasional stop for gas, rest or a can’t miss photo opportunity. Along the way, families discovered a whole new side of the United States while reconnecting with each other.

The Durham Museum will pay homage to the great “American Vacation” in a truly unique fashion with Are We There Yet? opening February 20. Iconic travel sites and approximately 30 pedal cars from motorsports enthusiast Bill Smith's private collection will capture your imagination as you experience this collaborative exhibition from The Durham Museum and the Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Are We There Yet? will feature six imaginatively produced dioramas depicting prominent family vacation destinations throughout the United States. The tour begins in Nebraska showcasing several travel destinations including Carhenge.  From there, you will be able to “visit” Mt. Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, the Kennedy Space Center and Niagara Falls. Classic cruisers, trucks, Studebakers and even pedal planes will enliven each scene giving you a unique chance to view these extraordinary pedal cars. 

There will be several amusing photo opportunities. For example, you can take a photo that gives the impression your family is riding down Niagara Falls in a barrel!

In conjunction with Are We There Yet?, The Durham Museum will be offering a variety of lectures and special events. Click here for a full listings of these events and click here for a full listing of our film series.

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Are We There Yet? will be on display February 20 – May 2 and is sponsored by the Douglas County Commissioners, the Dixon Family Foundation, AAA, the Cornhusker Motor Club Foundation and Cox Communications.