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September 22, 2012 - January 6, 2013

The American Soldier, From the Civil War to the War in Iraq: A Photographic Tribute is curated and produced by Cyma Rubin. The 116 photographs selected for the exhibition show how America’s wars have looked “on the ground” – through the eyes of the men and women who have fought them, and through the lenses of the photographers who have bravely accompanied America’s combat forces into battle.

As the viewer follows the American soldier from the Civil War through the War in Iraq, it becomes obvious that some things have changed: uniforms, weaponry, medical care, communications. What is even more obvious, through, is how much remains constant: the youthful faces, the horror of battle, the weary endurance of summer heat and winter cold, the suffering – these are all the same.

The American Soldier
provides an up-close view of their service, honoring those who have risked – and sometimes given – their lives for our safety and protection. The exhibition’s purpose is both commemorative and educational, giving children and young adults a vivid sense of just how much today’s soldier’s and their predecessors have given us. And it likewise celebrates the contributions made by the photojournalists – some famous, some anonymous – who have also risked danger at the front lines, and without whose work we could not experience these moments in history.

The American Soldier is sponsored by EADS North America, the North American operations of EADS, the second largest aerospace defense company in the world. Sponsored and presented by Business of Entertainment Inc. Cyma Rubin producer, curator.

The American Soldier
is sponsored locally by The Douglas County Commissioners, Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc., Valmont Industries, Inc., HDR, Inc., Ann and Ken Stinson, Howard and Rhonda Hawks, Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Memorial Foundation, Dillon Foundation, Mammel Foundation, Pat and Dick Bell, Fraser Stryker PC LLO, U.S. Bank, John and Mary Wilson, and The David Scott Foundation. Media support provided by the Omaha World-Herald.