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From a prairie town to a thriving metropolis, Omaha has a strong tradition of community and has gone through many transformations. The Bishop Clarkson Community Gallery takes you back in time over 100 years to the formation of our fine city and covers topics including religion, immigration, parks and healthcare.

St. Cecilia's Cathedral, Bishop Clarkson Hospital and The Brandeis Building are just a few buildings that are represented in the exhibit. Each building illustrated, has a story of its beginnings and interesting facts even natives of Omaha may not know. For example, did you know that St. Cecilia's Cathedral took 54 years to build or that one of the Brandeis brothers died on the Titanic?

"Coming to Omaha," another section of the exhibit, depicts real accounts of immigrants who came to Omaha and helped shape the community. The Brown family, who started the Omaha Star and the Throup family, who opened and managed a Danish boarding house for over 10 years are examples of the families mentioned.